Surgical Procedure Instructions

Common instructions to follow before any surgical procedure:
- Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the day of surgery.

- Limit the number of people who accompany you to the center. We suggest that adult patients be accompanied by only one person. We do welcome both parents of pediatric patients. It would be better if siblings did not visit due to lack of entertainment at the center.

- Leave all jewelry and valuables at home. We cannot be responsible for the loss of such items.

- Bathe or shower and brush your teeth (taking care not to swallow any water) the morning of surgery. No hairspray or hair gel.

- Remove all makeup, nail polish and contacts. If you must wear contacts, please bring your storage case for use during surgery.

- Refrain from smoking after midnight the day of surgery.

- Bring any paperwork your physician may have given you at your office visit.

- Bring all insurance cards and an ID. It is important for us to have all the current and correct information. Co-pays and Co-Insurance amounts are due at time of service.

- Follow orders given to you by your surgeon or gastroenterologist, and obtain any lab work or tests your physician may have ordered prior to the day of surgery.

- If you suspect that you are pregnant, please notify your physician prior to your surgery date.

- Any changes in your health (even minor ones, such as a cold or cough) should be reported to your surgeon or gastroenterologist prior to your surgery date.

- Bring a special cup, bottle, blanket, pacifier, etc. for pediatric patients.